Place where warriors get trained

Club Brawlers hosts dynamic football training sessions at their home ground. Led by experienced coaches, these sessions are designed to enhance there skills, boost fitness, and foster team spirit. Join us for top-notch football development in a vibrant and supportive environment.


In 2013 a remarkable journey began with a group of army brats who shared a unique bond forged through their experiences in various schools and colleges. Their shared upbringing, filled with constant moves and changing landscapes, led to the birth of a special club, one that would stand the test of time and distance.
As the years passed, life took its course, and the members of this close-knit community found themselves scattered across the globe, each pursuing their individual aspirations and dreams. Yet, the spirit of their shared childhood and the memories of their formative years held them together in spirit.Fast forward to today, and the club continues to thrive, albeit with only two dedicated members steering the ship. Shashank Tripathi, the passionate coach, brings his unwavering commitment and knowledge to the group. Rajnish Shankar, the diligent manager, ensures that the club's operations run seamlessly.This club is not just about sports or shared experiences; it's a testament to the enduring bonds formed during their army brat days. It serves as a reminder that no matter how far life may take you, the ties of friendship and camaraderie can withstand the test of time.

We founded Brawlers Football Academy with one goal in mind: identifying & developing football from grassroots to professional levels. Our curriculum is designed to train students on technical and tactical awareness with fitness to perform on & off the pitch. We analyze players, consult parents & prepare a road map for each player to achieve their results

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Girls in HFL: Runner-up in HFL Futsal league Breaking barriers, redefining sports norms, inspiring a new generation.

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An unregistered All India tournament was held in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.


an unregistered All India tournament held in Tirupati

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Boys participated in a tournament and secured a 1 lakh cash prize.


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Welcome to FC Brawlers, a dynamic football club driven by dedication and enthusiasm. As proud members of the Telangana football community, we are thrilled to contribute to the region's rich legacy of the sport under the esteemed
Telangana Football Association.

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Training today, champions tomorrow
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Our squad for the 3rd Telangana State
Futsal Championship 2023-24.







All in the hood

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King George

Practice timeings

Between 5:30 and 7:30 in the evening,
Plot no 42 & 43
Yapral Village, Alwal Mandal, under Malkangiri Ghmc circle, Medchal Dist, Telangana State
their focused field practice sharpens their skills and fosters teamwork, paving the way for future success in their chosen sport.


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